Наши акции в декабре

🎄 Dear friends! December is in full swing and we have prepared an amazing New Year's offer for you! 🎄From December 11 to 21, La Sincere Baltia gives you an exclusive 15% discount on products from the “Iskinclock” series:

🌟 Moist Lock Face Wash 120 g

🌟 Moist Lock Lotion 180 мл

🌟 Moist Lock Emulsion 150 г

Immerse yourself in the pleasure of self-care with La Sincere Baltia!

🌟 Moist Lock Face Wash 120 g

💫 This luxurious hydrating foam creates a lush lather to gently rid your skin of impurities without stripping it of its natural moisture. Contains innovative coral powder MARINEBIO-C, which effectively cleanses pores and absorbs excess sebum. Formulated with ceramides to prevent moisture loss during cleansing. This product prepares your skin for subsequent treatments by making it*


fresh and

without feeling of tightness.

🌟 Moist Lock Emulsion 150 г

💫 Weightless and quickly absorbed, this moisturizing facial emulsion improves the condition of your skin while maintaining all the beneficial properties of skin care products. Contains 5 botanical ingredients including isoflavones and soy extract to stimulate collagen growth and provide antioxidant protection. Moroccan argan, marula and cranberry oils increase skin elasticity and give it a natural glow. Blood circulation improves, which promotes better absorption of the complex of active ingredients. Your skin regains its natural elasticity.

🌟 Moist Lock Lotion 180 мл

💫 Moisturizing and protective facial lotion, saturated with fermented pear juice. This lotion gently softens the stratum corneum and stimulates metabolism, leaving the skin hydrated and protected. Contains ceramides and amino acids that restore the natural skin barrier. Increases the skin's ability to retain moisture and protects against harmful influences. Result -*



smooth and

moisturized skin.

🌟 Don't miss the chance to get unique care for your skin!

🌟 Every Iskinclock product contains care for your skin, embodied in innovative solutions of Japanese scientists! 🌟

✨ Immerse yourself in the world of beauty and care with La Sincere Baltia! ✨

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