The term “cosmeceuticals” in dermatology was first mentioned three decades ago. Or therapeutic cosmetics Cosmeceuticals is a group of arts and hygiene products with healing properties. Cosmeceutical aimed at solving various dermatological problems. Cosmetics has a wide spectrum of action, therefore, it applies not only to the preventive skin care, but also helps to cope with age-related changes, and will be indispensable in the treatment of psoriasis, neurodermatitis and other diseases.

Cosmeceuticals from Japan has always been associated with the concept of high quality. Japanese cosmeceuticals is very different from the West: pay special attention to product design, its subtle aroma and a method of applying the most money during the procedure.

In Japan, serious about maintaining good health, well-being and blooming appearance. Therefore adhere to strict rules that allows you to create drugs that contribute to an immediate effect in the development of cosmetic products.

Cosmeceutical from Japan has certain advantages and strengths:

  • strict enforcement of quality standards by the state;
  • only natural ingredients used in the manufacture of cosmetics, minerals and trace elements;
  • advanced equipment and modern biotechnology cosmeceuticals;
  • adding unusual ingredients in Japanese cosmetics: ginger, silk, pearl proteins;
  • complete absence of preservatives, dyes and allergens.

Quite often you can hear the phrase: “The Japanese – ageless nation”. Representatives of Japan, regardless of age always look young and fresh. Thanks cosmeceuticals Japanese woman gets a unique opportunity to extend its beauty for a long time and keep a lovely view.

Preparations of Japan in their composition are components that provide the protective function of the skin at the cellular level, which helps to regulate the processes of forming cells and promotes skin regeneration. Japanese cosmetics from professionals provides a real anti-aging and rejuvenating effect.